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We have teamed up with Nourished Beginnings who do all our menu planning and nourishing meals.

What’s For Lunch?

Australian-grown, locally sourced, seasonal deliciousness created by Nourished Beginnings using natural, healthy, unprocessed ingredients!

The kitchen is always the hub of our childcare centres because we value the importance of food and nutrition and appreciate the impact we have in establishing healthy eating habits for your child. We know quality food and a full belly contributes to growth, development and contentment.

At Hills Kidz, your child will enjoy delicious whole foods (often gluten free), unprocessed, healthy snacks and meals that put a smile on their face.

Simplistic, Nourishing, Educational, Joyful

A Colourful, Nourishing Menu

Your child will be eating from daily menus created by Nourished Beginnings. Every meal, every day, is well-balanced, nutrient-dense and tasty. Not only that, but we’ve also focused on whole foods and keep a careful eye on our use of additive-free foods to optimise nutrition.

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